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Experience with Bike Mechanics

Please choose a category that best describes your current level of experience with working on bicycles: 


Select this option if you are new to bike mechanics, or just getting started. You may have done some simple repairs in the past, i.e. cleaning a chain or fixing a flat tire, but would prefer to have some support and learning opportunities while wrenching in the shop. Please also select this option if you are interested in volunteering in other capacities at Two Wheel View that are not directly related to bike repair. 


 Select this option if you have some past experience working on bikes, and are familiar with the basics of bike repair, i.e. changing tires, replacing brake pads, adjusting derailleurs, etc. You may still need some reminders on some of these repairs, but have a base of knowledge to draw from, and are able to problem solve on a bike when given the needed support and resources. Most volunteers with some bike experience will fall in this category. 


Select this option if you have significant experience in bicycle repair, and feel comfortable tuning a bike mostly or entirely on your own. “Purple” volunteers should be comfortable with truing wheels, repacking bearing systems, aligning derailleur hangers, etc. 


TWV Shop Values Policy

At Two Wheel View, it is essential to us to always provide an inclusive and encouraging space to all persons in the shop. As such, we ask that all volunteers carefully read and agree to the following shop directives: 

  • Be compassionate and respectful towards all who use the Two Wheel View shop. Understand that no two people will experience the space in the same way. Consider the space that you occupy in the shop, both physically and interpersonally, and take time to ensure that you are making space for others. 

  • Consider your privilege, and the fact that the person working alongside you may have traveled a much different path than your own. Practice giving the benefit of the doubt. Respect the names and pronouns used by others, and do not  assume someone’s gender, socio-economic background, ethnicity, health, or other personal information.

  • If you’re not sure, ask. This can refer to the proper way to use a tool as well as to interacting with other shop users. Commit to hearing the voices of others, asking for permission, and adjusting your behavior if you are asked to do so. 

  • Respect the shop space. Put tools back in their designated spaces, and only use tools for their intended purposes. Understand that making messes and mistakes is part of the process - when this happens, all we ask is that you do your best to clean up the mess, learn from the mistake, and get help doing so whenever you need it.  

  • There is zero tolerance at Two Wheel View of oppressive or abusive behavior of any kind.

    Two Wheel View is committed to maintaining the aforementioned policies at all times - if at any time you witness them being violated, you are encouraged to notify one of our staff members or facilitators. 
    We are also committed to enabling a collaborative and empowering environment, and as such we welcome suggestions as to additions or changes that users would like to see made to these policies.